Thursday, September 13, 2012

Penny Matrix Worlds Most Powerful

The Worlds Most Powerful Penny Matrix

World Light Biz new Penny Matrix plan is just what everyone's seeking now, due to the monetary instability around the world. Built with an extremely low price tag to suit today's economic climate, the Penny Matrix may be the "answer to prayers" for lots of individuals... 

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Income Gone Crazy... In no time at all - just a matter of days - and for just a mere 7 bucks to get started you can build a massive Recurring Earnings that keeps paying each month!

in this exploding program now! You get to pick out a valuable ebook each month from our enormous library. You are going to get an early spot (Permanent, yes your spot will in no way go away - even though you happen to be inactive for a whilst!) in a effective newly made and exceptional 2 x 14 forced organization matrix which is at the moment exploding within the U.S. and now in other countries all over the world... "a Book-of-the-Month Club on Steriods!"

Commision Structure Paying on the "Even Levels" of the 14-Level Matrix at $.30 per members on even-numbered levels through the 14th level with 100% matching bonuses paid to the referrers TO INFINITY. 

Every month, you make commissions on all members on your even levels
(levels: 2, 4, six, 8, ten, 12 and 14).

You might be paid on all active positions on the even levels all through all 14 Levels... (monthly)!
21,846 potential positions times (X) .30 per person
A Total Prospective of $6,553.20... (monthly!) PLUS...

A 100% matching bonus on all your personally referred members... (monthly!)!
(Make "100% Matching" of everything they all Make!...Monthly!) 

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